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Game Night Rotterdam: Italian Vibes & Party Games

Updated: Jun 20

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Game night

Looking for a fun and engaging way to spend your Thursday night? Look no further than. Mark your calendars for an unforgettable evening of fun, laughter, and delicious Italian cuisine. Mamarazzi X Mad Party Games is an upcoming game night!

Location: Witte de Withstraat 88b, 3012 BT Rotterdam.

Date: 30th of May 2024

About the Game Night

This night, Mamarazzi is opening its doors to everyone for an evening of board games, snacks, and socializing. With its sparkling lights, checkered tables, and buzzing ambience. Whether you’re a seasoned board game pro or a newcomer looking to try something different or new, this event is the perfect opportunity to come together with friends and neighbours for a night of fun and games.

Get a first look at Mad Party Games' hilarious and engaging party games through entertaining and audience participation.

With its sparkling lights, checkered tables, and buzzing atmosphere, Mamarazzi is the ideal location for this unique game night experience. With its sparkling lights, checkered tables, and buzzing ambiance, Mamarazzi Savor the best of Italy and don't miss the opportunity to test Mad Party Games' games.

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It is a strategic card game that challenges players to defeat all other Mobsters and claim supremacy over all other real-life based characters.

A three-stage card game that tests your guessing abilities and earns you a front-row seat to a thrilling adventure from beginning to end.

In this card game, participants choose cards that specify actions such as filling a central cup with drinks. Jacks let you determine the rules; Kings make you pour. Participants choose cards that specify actions such as filling a central cup with drinks in this card game the final player consumes the full "King's Cup," which is made up of all of the mixed beverages. Whoever finishes their drink first wins.


MadWish Pro expands on the original Truth or Dare premise by incorporating new challenges such as "Go" tasks and "Shot" challenges. Whether it's disclosing a truth, fulfilling a dare, taking a shot, or participating in group activities, players spin the bottle and accept their fate. With 250 cards offering surprises and pushing boundaries, MadWish Pro promises endless fun and mayhem for parties and gatherings.

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For ladies' nights, MadWish Girls Edition offers a fun take on Truth or Dare. It contains a spinner, shot glass, go tasks, and truth/dare cards designed for women. Risky but relatable content covers pop culture, dating, and fashion. It is ideal for girl's gatherings and bachelorette parties and encourages bonding through hilarious and memorable challenges.

Instead of owning properties, the goal of MadPoly players is to amass the largest wealth by owning bars. Landing on "Spin" opens up mystery cards, group challenges, truth, or dare. If you lose a challenge, opponents can force you to shoot! A unique party experience where strategic real estate meets unpredictable social dares.

This edition adds unexpected challenges to the traditional Jenga game. After being removed, each block reveals a daring, wise choice or skill assignment. Brain/body challenges are combined with careful hand-eye coordination.

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