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The world of Mad Party Games and the Party Games catalogue

Updated: 5 days ago

Welcome to Mad Party Games, a seasoned veteran in the industry with years of experience in crafting the most engaging and exciting party games. With a deep-seated passion for bringing joy to people's lives, we have been on a mission to redefine the essence of parties through our innovative games.

Mad Party Games Illustration

As a pioneer in party games, our years of experience have sharpened our skills, helping us understand what truly makes a party entertaining. Our collection of party games is thoughtfully designed to suit any event, whether it's a small gathering, a fiery summer barbecue, a memorable birthday bash, or a vibrant game night.

Because at Mad Party Games, we firmly believe that the soul of any party lies in the shared laughter, thrilling moments, and the unforgettable memories created. That's why we focus on creating unique party games that not only guarantee fun and laughter but also offer a platform to create lifelong memories.

Whether you're a fan of strategic battles like MadBlox or prefer cooperative games like MadBus, we've got you covered. Our MadWish Truth or Dare app, specifically, is a testament to our commitment to providing fun-filled party games for all occasions.


MadWish Collection: Spark up your social gatherings with the exciting MadWish Collection of party games. Expertly crafted to offer laughter, fun, and thrills, these party games are perfect for every occasion. From the exhilarating rivalry in games like MadBlox and MadKings to the humorous madness of MadWish Hen or Girls Edition, this collection of party games will undoubtedly keep everyone at the edge of their seats. Be it a bustling summer party or a cozy girls' night in, this party game collection adds a unique flair to it. Every game in this set offers unique challenges and fun, promising an unforgettable party games night every time.

Party Drinking Card Game

MadWish Playing Card: Shake up every gathering with the MadWish Playing Card game. Known to be one of the most diverse party games, it guarantees laughter, suspense, and endless fun, no matter the number of players.

Party Drinking Board Game

MadWish Pro: Elevate your gaming experience with MadWish Pro. Designed for game enthusiasts, this party game will test your skills, strategic thinking, and ability to deal with on-spot challenges.

Party Drinking Card Game

MadWish Summer Edition: Make your summer parties a hit with the MadWish Summer Edition. This party game is filled with fresh challenges designed specifically to fit the summer theme and lighten up your mood.

Party Drinking Card Game

MadWish Hen: The perfect party game for a hen's night, MadWish Hen ensures an evening filled with laughter, antics, and memorable moments that you and your friends will cherish for years.

Party Drinking Board Game

MadWish Girls Edition: Tailored for girls' night, MadWish Girls Edition is among the most popular party games. It promises an enjoyable.

Pong Collection: Turn up the fun at your next gathering with the Pong Collection of party games. Seamlessly blending strategy, skills, and a dash of luck, the party games in this collection are designed to keep everyone engaged and excessively entertained. The collection showcases innovative games like MadPong and Truth Dare Pong, taking your traditional party games experience to a whole new level. With the Pong Collection at the center of your event, your parties are guaranteed to be filled with laughter, memorable moments, and an enjoyable competitive edge that these party games offer.

Party Beer Pong Game

Truth Dare Pong: A fascinating fusion of classic challenges, Truth Dare Pong is a party game that turns any gathering into an exciting event. With surprising truth and daring challenges, it will keep everyone on their toes.

Party Beer Pong Game

MadPong: Experience a unique twist on traditional pong games with MadPong. This party game is an excellent way to incorporate competitive elements and laughter into your party, keeping all your guests entertained throughout.

Step into the vibrant universe of the Mad Party Games Collection, your ultimate destination for the most thrilling and engaging party games. We offer a distinctive array of party games designed to make every gathering an event to remember.


Party Drinking Game

MadBlox: Looking for strategy-focused party games? Look no further than MadBlox. Combining strategy with fun, this game ensures each player stays engaged and adds a blast of excitement to your gatherings.

Fun Party Drinking Card Game

MadKings: MadKings, as its name suggests, turns every player into a ruthless king in an epic battle of wits. Perfectly suited for those seeking intense party games, MadKings keeps the thrill alive till the last move.

Fun Party Drinking Card Game

MadBus: Roll into fun and adventure with MadBus. This exhilarating party game involves strategy, collaboration, and plenty of twists and turns, offering a memorable gameplay experience for all your party guests.

Fun Party Drinking Board Game

MadPoly Party Game: Immerse in the thrill of owning properties with this exciting party game. MadPoly is the ultimate choice for those looking for engaging and fun-filled party games to light up their social gatherings.

For the people that enjoy the digital world. We are introducing the MadWish Truth or Dare app, your new favorite party game that keeps every gathering filled with anticipation and hilarity. This digital version of the classic Truth or Dare brings a fresh spin to party games, ensuring maximum entertainment.

The MadWish Truth or Dare app enhances your party games collection, combining entertainment with unexpected challenges. Whether planning a low-key dinner party, a festive summer BBQ, a casual friends' gathering, or a special occasion, this party game app seamlessly fits into the atmosphere, generating laughter, excitement, and unique, memorable moments.

Keep the fun and energy levels high at every event with the MadWish Truth or Dare app. As part of your party games arsenal, this app will transform every gathering into an event full of laughter, surprise, and unforgettable memories, making it the go-to party game for all occasions.


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