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With more than 3.000
'Truth or Dare'

Pot of Gold Party: St. Patrick's Day Game Ideas by Mad Party Games

Updated: 7 days ago

Unleashing the Irish Luck

St. Patrick's Day MadWish Truth or Dare

Give a fun spin to your celebrations by Mad Party Games, enhancing the fun and memories of get-togethers with friends and family. With our diverse games and game modes you are sure to hit the jackpot on every situation you will find yourself during this day.

  • MadWish app

The successor of the MadWish Pro. With over +3000 assignments with seven game modes.

The MadWish truth or dare app is all you need. You can play with friends, in groups, dates or on vacation.

Game modes

Game modes description:

  • Classic - The old classic remain with a twist.

  • Party starter - For any kind of get-together.

  • Summer - Enjoy the outdoors with your pals.

  • Girls edition - Let the gossip begin

  • Icebreaker - The perfect wingman assistant

  • Couples - Find out what your partner is thinking deep down, then go deeper together.

  • Xtreme - Meant to cross boundaries of traditional gameplay and those looking for the ultimate challenge

  • Truth or dare

With this Card game, get set for an exciting game! A thrilling mix of Truths, Dares, Go cards for group challenges, and even the opportunity to reveal something to a friend are all included in each card. Having this deck ensures that there will always be surprises and laughter at your party.

The 56 cards in this set ensure an exciting time no matter where you are. These cards are your pass to spontaneous fun while on the go because they are small enough to fit in your pocket!

Truth or Dare with a twist
Truth, Dare or Shot

  • Truth or dare Pong

The game of truth or dare, just better. a brand new hybrid idea combining the two timeless classic games, "truth or dare" and "beer pong." Though each cup has a question in it, similar to a beer pong game, the player must either answer or finish the task.

Moreover, your opponent has to finish the task inside the cup and drink the beer after you score. The player must take a shot if they refuse.

Drinking game& Truth or Dare

To keep your preferred beverage safe from the soiled beer pong ball, this game includes waterproof Truth and Dare cards and hexagon beer pong cups. containing four shot glasses, three beer pong balls, 33 Truth cards, and 33 Dare cards.

Truth or Dare pong

Cup's Inside
Bong Cup

  • MadWish Pro

Players use MadWish Pro to spin the bottle to find out what will happen to them—Truth, Dare, Go, Shot, or Snitch? Will you to take a chance, or have the courage to accept the Truth or Dare challenge?

This all-inclusive set comes with everything you need for an amazing time, including a game board, 50 Go task cards, 100 Truth assignment cards, 100 Dare assignment cards, a shot glass, a spinning bottle, and an attachment pin.

Drinking Board Game

  • Madkings

The popular card game Kings has arrived with a twisted counterpart called Madkings. Two decks of cards that improve the gaming experience and one "die" card are the focal points of the game. This game includes several rule categories, each with a colour label featuring a special artwork for the King, Queen, Baron, Marquee, Duchess, and Wizard.

Long live the King!

Everybody takes a turn pulling the card and follows the instructions on it.

First to break the rules, who?

  • Madblox

Not your average wooden block game. In MadBlox, each wooden block offers two distinct challenges that players can choose. These assignments put players' abilities to the test in a number of ways, including decision-making, hand-eye coordination, and even a little bit of luck. A player must finish one of the two tasks on the block after they have successfully removed a block from the tower. The player must take a shot if they choose not to do it.


MadBlox is ideal for parties and get-togethers of all kinds, featuring 10 shot glasses and 54 wooden double-sided blocks, whether you're throwing a big party or a little get-together with pals.

wooden blocks

activites example

This games should only be played by adults age 21 (18 in some countries) and over. It contains components that may be hazardous to young children, therefore we suggest to keep the game and its components out of their reach. Read the questions and tasks in advance and remove the cards that may not seem appropriate to you. We strongly advise not to use alcoholic beverages while playing this game. If you choose to play this game with alcoholic beverages, we advise you to be careful and not drink too much. Do not drink and drive.

Drink responsibly and have fun


The best pre-drinking
games in one app!

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