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Spice things up with G-Kamasutra!

Updated: Apr 2

Trying to spice things up in a relationship can really be challenging, especially when you know each other for a really long time. Being scared to try new things and experiment is something that a lot of couples encounter and that is why they prefer to keep it simple and safe. With our game, G-Kamasutra, you can explore passion to a new level!

The game is made for you and your partner to really enjoy each other’s company while uncovering desires that you didn’t allow yourself to think about. With cards like G-Kamasutra, Passion, and Confession accompanied by a bottle of wine, we promise you that you will enjoy your night to the fullest. Did you get intrigued already? Keep reading to find out what is inside the mysterious G-Kamasutra game.

Before I start explaining to you the game and how it really works, I encourage you to keep an open mind and not to forget that you and your partner might have different perspectives on new concepts, and it is more than okay not to agree on the same things. In case some cards indicate things that make you uncomfortable, make sure you take a sip of your drink as a sign of refusal.


Let’s start with a little bit of foreplay! Did you ever say no to it? I didn’t think so! 😉 Pick a confession card and answer a question that would set the mood between you and your partner. Things can get heated while you reveal to your other half desires like ‘’What sex toy would you like to try out together with your partner?’’.


Passion cards make you dare a little, while you have to fulfil an assignment that you won’t want to say no to. Can’t think of anything that can fall in this category? How does this sound? ‘’Spread chocolate or whipped cream around your partner’s private parts, and slowly lick it off’’. This would take your teasing to the next level while making the atmosphere between the two of you hotter and hotter.


When you are sure the prelude was enough, and you want the real action to start take a G-Kamasutra card. This card will indicate a sexual position that you and your partner need to perform. This will allow you to get out of your comfort zone and help you try positions that you haven’t even thought about before.

As mentioned previously, one of the most important rules while playing this game is to be open to try new things. Allowing yourselves to talk about your curiosities and trying new sex positions can be the one of the smallest, but most impactful steps you took towards improving your relationship.

If we made you curious and you want to make sure it is worth buying this game, make sure you also read the Erotic Truth or Dare Questions for Couples blog, where you will find examples of questions from all categories.

Check out the game now available on our web shop and take your relationship to the next level.


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