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Best Couple's Valentine Card and Board Games

Updated: Jun 20

Welcome to February, where we explore the fascinating realm of Valentine's Day! Love is a lovely feeling that should be honored on more than one occasion.

This February, celebrate Valentine's Day in style by putting love front and center.

Enjoy these entertaining games with your significant other to learn the real meaning of love. Fortify your relationship, make priceless memories, and revel in your happiness as a couple. Accept the possibilities, make the most of the day, and don't pass up the chance to rekindle the flame in your relationship. Love, joy, and endless enjoyment are in store for you!


“Welcome to a world of passion and romance”

Go through all phases of love with our gameboard. This board game includes a spinning wheel, a satin scarf, hour glass, confession, passion and position cards that will ensure to sparkle more than just passions in combination with surprise cards. In the end everyone wins when playing “The game”, with over 300 cards that will take your evening to another level.


G-Kamasutra Adult Game package


  • Gameboard

  • Spinning Wheel

  • Hourglass

  • Satin Scarf

  • 100 Confession cards

  • 100 Passion cards

  • 50 Kamasutra cards

  • 25 Romantic surprise cards

  • 25 Cupid cards

  • 2 Gold cards



From a normal poker match, to an experiencing.

Weather you like to play a poker match or kill time somehow, Couples Valentine Games are for you!!! This set of cards will provide you as a couple an evening full of mystery and passion. Although is a game, this version can be seen as a intimate journey for you and your partner where you are challenged and in return explore each others deepest desires.


G-Kamasutra Adult Game Position cards


  • 54 Playing Cards with different and unique sexual positions in each card



The successor of the G-Kamasutra is here. This deck utilizes the same poker rules and positions as the G-

Kamasutra. However, in this version of the game the “Positions”, “Confessions” and “Passions” have been added.

The way you play with it is the same as the G-Kamasutra, but with 21 passion cards, 19 confession cards, jokers and gold cards. In this version you execute the tasks written on the cards or take a shot as punishment.

In other words, the game has become more sensual and fun.


G-Kamasutra Adult Game Party Cards


  • 21 Passion cards

  • 19Confession cards

  • 8 Kamasutra cards

  • 4 Gold cards

  • 2 Jokers


Make sure when you are with your partner, to create an environment where you both feel safe and be safe.

Enjoy Valentine’s Day with your significant other! Drink responsibly and don’t forget to have fun!!!

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