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KidzWish by Mad Party Games is an engaging, family-friendly action board game that brings the excitement of adventure to your living room. Designed for children passionate about exploring and discovery, KidzWish combines strategic gameplay with a variety of interactive card types and special abilities.


Gather your friends and family for an immersive experience as you compete to build the ultimate adventure team. Employ cunning tactics and outmaneuver your opponents by playing attack, defense, and action cards. Utilize powerful super cards to gain the upper hand, but watch out for the dreaded 'Obstacle' card that can quickly set you back. With a diverse range of card types and special abilities, KidzWish offers endless replayability and a thrilling challenge for young adventurers of all ages. Develop your skills, outsmart your friends, and become the ultimate explorer champion.


Key Features:

• Interactive, family-friendly action board game

• Variety of card types (attack, defense, action, super) with unique abilities

• Employ strategic tactics and outmaneuver opponents

• Suitable for children passionate about adventure and exploration

• Endless replayability


Game Components:


KidzWish includes 128 Cards, comprising 40 Team Cards representing your explorers, and 88 Playing Cards. The game also comes in a slick box, highlighting the features of the game.


SKU: MPF4321
  • Product information

    Recommended age: 7 - 99 years

    Number of players: 2 to 8 players

    Play time: 30 minutes

    Game Type: Party game

    Language game: Dutch


  • Contents

    1  Game board

    8 Pawns

    1 Dice

    100 Coins

    40 Power cards

    50 'MATTIE SAYS' cards

    50 'MATTIE DOET' cards

    50 'MATTIE WIL' cards

    1 Bottle and mounting pin

  • Safety warning

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  • Rules

    Download KidzWish Rules

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