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What Drinking Games to Play at the Bar?

Updated: Jun 17

Drinking Games to Play at the Bar

Are you ever at the bar with your friends, the drinks are pouring, the music is blasting, but you feel like there is still some fun missing? Worry no more because we present you with the solution to that problem! We have prepared a list of games you can play at the bar when the boredom kicks in.

1. Riding the Bus

This famous drinking game requires only one attribute – a deck of cards. You can pack one with you or try your luck and ask the bar staff if they have one.

This game consists of three rounds: guessing the cards, building the pyramid, and riding the bus. By the end of the game, there will be one player who will end up riding the bus and will probably be the drunkest that night. Don’t let it be you!

Riding the Bus drinking game

2. MadWish

Are you used to MadWish being a full set of a lot of cards and a full board on which you have to spin the wheel? It’s still great if you are playing at home but nobody wants to take a bulky box to a bar. No worries because, besides already having a compact version (MadWish Cards), now there is an app for your favorite drinking game! The MadWish app offers you the fun and craziness of classic MadWish but in a more convenient format! You can get the MadWish Truth or Dare app on AppStore and Google PlayStore.

MadWish Truth or Dare Party Drinking App

3. Never Have I Ever

This game is a classic, but it’s also a hit at every party. If you have done the named action, you drink. You can use one of the premade question lists or come up with your own in case you’ve been dying to know if one of your co-players has done something specific.

4. King’s Cup

Kings (or King’s Cup) is again a card game that is played while drinking. Based on the cards drawn, the player must drink and hand out drinks. Before the game starts, the rules for each card are set. There are a lot of card assignment variations online, so, just pick the one that suits you the most or come up with your own meanings for each card!

King's cup Drinking Game

5. Things You Can Say

This game also requires a lot of creativity from all of the players but that is what makes it more fun. Pick a scenario to finish the sentence: “Things you can say during sex and…”. For example, things you can say during sex and at a funeral.

Going in circles, each player has to come up with a sentence that would fit that. For the scenario mentioned before, you could say: “Thank you for coming!” or “Will there be food afterward?”. To add a drinking element, make those who run out of ideas first drink up. A lot of controversies and uncontrollable laughter are guaranteed!

Check out the other drinking games and maximize the fun today!


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