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Party Checklist

Updated: Apr 2

Organizing a party can be stressful, especially if you are the only host. For your convenience, we have made a party checklist so you can just go over it and tick off all the items the next time you decide it’s time for a house party.

  • Alcohol: you are most likely going to drink at the party. And even if your guests are bringing their own alcohol, you have to remember to take care of your drink as well.

  • Decorations: especially if it’s a themed party, you’ll need decorations. Better think about them in advance so you don’t dedicate the day of the party to running around every store imaginable in an attempt to find exactly the right décor.

  • Outfit: this is also something you should take into consideration at least a couple of days prior to the party to avoid nonessential stress. Don’t forget to set the dress code for your guests – do you want them to dress up or be casual? Is it a themed party with correlating costumes? Let them know when you send out the invitations.

  • Music: if you don’t have a party playlist yet – set it up now. You can create a shared playlist and ask all your friends to add the songs they would like to hear at your party. This way, you are relieving yourself from another worry and taking away the need to argue who is going to be on music this time.

  • Food: as a host, you should provide some simple snacks – chips, candy, nuts, fruits and veggies if your friends are known to be more on the healthier side – whatever you prefer. Again, you can cooperate with your guests and ask them what they would prefer or even ask different people to bring various snacks with them.

  • Entertainment: it’s great if enjoying each other’s company is enough for you but you can kick your party up a notch by getting a drinking board game. For example, if you try out MadWish Pro, MadBlox, or Truth Dare Pong, your friends will remember the party for weeks to come.

  • Plates and Cups: make sure that you have enough cups for all your guests at home or buy some plastic ones – they are easier to clean (though not as environmentally friendly) and can be different colours or even designs if you are throwing a themed party.

  • Cleaning Solutions: when the party is over, you, unfortunately, have to deal with the aftermath. This process will be more enjoyable if you get all the cleaning supplies in advance and don’t have to worry about it the next day while being hungover.

  • Hangover Solvation: even though there are ways to avoid a hangover, sometimes it still happens despite all your effort. For cases like this, it’s important to have a backup plan such as a bottle of beer or some aspirin in your bedside drawer.

These are the main things to be taken care of if you become the host of a party. You can always adjust the list, adding elements that matter for your case, like sending physical invitations, preparing party favours if there are any, or cleaning the whole apartment, to name a few. We hope that your next party will be a success with the help of Mad Party Games!

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