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Party Theme Ideas

Updated: Jun 17

Birthday, bachelor party, or just another Friday - having a theme for your party will definitely get it from “it was good” to an event you and your guests will remember for a long time afterward. That’s why we have prepared this blog with party theme ideas, helping you to turn your next celebration into a party of a lifetime!

1. Gangster Night

MadMobz Party Game

We are all familiar with a popular James Bond theme, but what if this time you and your friends were the villains of the story? Pretend to be mobsters for one night – get dressed accordingly, and maybe organize a photo zone with mustaches, glasses of whiskey, and gangster hats. And to make the atmosphere and the mood even more matching, play MadMobz at your themed party and see which one of you will be the next Godfather!

2. Social Media Party

Tell your friends to dress as a favorite social media influencer, a vine, or a meme. Let the creativity flow and see what they come up with. Make some TikTok viral drinks (like those insane punches that are bound to send you into a sugar coma) and take as many pictures and videos as you can. Hashtag party!

3. Frat Party

If you are out of that student life already but do sometimes miss the good old day, throw a frat party. Tell your friends that you’re gonna party like that very first year of university. Invite a lot of people, get a beer keg. And don’t forget about the highlight of any frat party – beer pong! And if you want to make that even crazier – try MadPong or Truth Dare Pong.

MadPong Party Drinking Game

4. Pamper Yourself

MadWish Girls Party Drinking Game

This idea will easily fit an all-girl party. A pamper yourself party is a great mix of partying and relaxation – you can experiment with various cocktails and prepare face masks for everyone. Maybe one of you can even do other guests’ nails.

Treat yourself to a nice spa evening at home! To make that party more entertaining, add MadWish Girls Edition for the juiciest gossip and most fun.

5. Burning Man/Coachella

These two worldwide famous festivals are on a bucket lists for a lot of people. But if you are currently not able to attend them, you can always gather your friends and have your own Coachella- or Burning Man-themed party in your backyard. Dress accordingly, and if your imagination runs dry, just recreate one of your favorite outfits from the festivals themselves.

6. Food Festival

Why wait for the next time a food festival takes place in your city when you can organize your own? Tell your friends to bring with them or make their favorite dishes on the spot. Obviously, you cannot forget about drinks (which you could also tell your guests to bring and have a vast variety at the tables). And while those juicy burgers are sizzling on the grill, play MadWish or MadWish Pro with your friends as a cherry on top!

7. Beer Festival

Beer lovers, this theme is for you. Have every one of your guests bring a six-pack of their favorite IPAs, and stouts, and have a day trying them all out. We say beer, though you could adapt it using any drink you and your company prefer – turn it into wine or whiskey tasting for what it’s worth!

8. Art Party

Making art at a party is probably not something you are used to but it could be a great form of relaxation for you and all your guests. You can stay in and do it at home or go to an art studio. Supply guests with a small canvas, paints, and brushes. It’s also possible to order Bob Ross party kits which are complete with the wig!

9. Bring Back the Classics

For this party idea, we suggest you and your guests play all the classic board and card games, such as Monopoly, Jenga, or Uno. And if you would like a new twist on one of the classic board games, why not try MadBlox instead of classic Jenga? The fun is guaranteed!

10. Astrology Party

Take a sign from the universe and throw an astrology party. Have guests dress up as their zodiac sun sign and complete the cosmic vibes with space-themed decor (such as the planets and moons) and themed cocktails.

Try out one of our ideas or come up with your own – whatever you decide, one of our games will be a perfect addition to your party or pre-drinking before going out. Get Yours Now!


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